selfish hooker


This journal is 98% FRIENDS ONLY.
Sometimes I make public entries when I posts picspams or my attempts at fanfic.
If you are looking for my icons and graphics visit icon_road  or you can scroll down on this journal to see my old graphics, up until September 2008, everything else (from there 'til now) is at icon_road .

Comment if you want me to add you. No comment, no adding. Why?
Mostly because I post VERY personal stuff here and I don't like to add people who have found me
and added me randomly. I don't want to search through your journal to figure out why you have added me.
It's easier to just leave a little comment letting me know who the hell are you, isn't it?
However, that doesn't mean that I'll add you instantly. I don't add people with whom
I don't have at least SOMETHING in common, because then it would get pretty boring
and I'll just be just a name on your flist.